Gov. Pritzker signs Illinois gun bill requiring certified license for dealers

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CHICAGO (WIFR) -- Only a few days since taking office, Gov. J.B. Pritzker signs a bill to address gun control in Illinois.

Pritzker signed SB 337 into law, which requires firearms dealers in Illinois to obtain state licenses. Illinois becomes the 16th state to requite gun dealers to be certified by the state.

“Gun violence isn’t an issue facing one city, or one region, or one group of people — it affects us all," Pritzker said. “This law is a long-overdue step to do more to prevent gun violence, to make sure guns don’t fall into the wrong hands."

The new law aims to give the state more oversight over gun sales. It would also require gun dealers to install video surveillance systems in stores, provide annual training for employees and prepare for inspection for local law enforcement.

Former Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed a similar proposal in spring. The Illinois General Assembly passed another version of the bill that was held until Pritzker took office.