Goodie bags donated to SwedishAmerican special care nursery

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ROCKFORD Ill. (WIFR) -- For families have a baby in the special care nursery, it’s the little things that count and that’s why one women donated goodie bags.

"It just helps me feel better that I can help give somebody something that they might have forgotten about themselves,” said Kari Corson, goodie bag donor.

Corson makes it a priority to donate bags each year. Last year she donated 44 bags to the SwedishAmerican regional cancer center.

"We did get to hand one of the bags to one of the patients there, and get to know her stories. So it kind of even made us feel a little bit better," said Corson.

This year Corson outdid herself, donating 67 bags to the special care nursery.

"They just kept on bringing in container after container they had three or four boxes, four or five 25 gallon containers. It was just amazing," said Abby Bye, Nurse at SwedishAmerican.

Each sponsor paid 25 dollars to fill a bag with different goodies.

“About half of them are from our work and friends and family were the rest,” said Corson.

Each of the bags comes with a variety of different items including hand sanitizer, a little book for the children, some snacks, and even a personalized letter from the sponsor.

“We thought it would be neat to incorporate the people who sponsored the bag or who helped get the bag to them. So each card has who it was sponsored by and then a little note,” said Corson.

Bye has already handed out a bag.

"The first bag that I gave I had a little boy that was two and a half and you have to be three years old to come in here, and he was upset that he couldn't come in here to see his sister. So it was fun giving him the bag and having the coloring books and the toys and it was just something that kind of lessened the fact that he couldn't come in."

Patients in the SwedishAmerican special care nursery will receive these bags till all 67 are gone.