A closer look at the differences between Girl Scouts and Scouts BSA

Published: Feb. 11, 2019 at 4:52 PM CST
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Earlier this month, Scouts BSA, formerly known as "Boy Scouts," started accepting girls into the program.

Some girl scout troops want to make it clear that this changes does not mean the two have merged, and Girl Scouts continues to thrive.

One local Girl Scout troop says although Scouts BSA is a great organization, Girl Scouts can also offer a lot of leadership opportunities for young girls around the nation.

"It puts the girl frist and makes them the priority, so it's a good choice for young girls to get involved in in Girl Scouts, said Carissa Stear of Troop 361. "It opens up the possibility of more leadership in another leadership role."

Stear and other members say Girl Scouts is more than just selling cookies. It's about growing as a person, building community and being a part of a sisterhood that could help open up additional scholarship opportunities in the future.