Girl Scouts Troop 3446 hosts Pancake Breakfast

Rockford, Ill. (WIFR) The local Girl Scouts troop 3446 were put to work Saturday morning at the Applebee's on Riverside Blvd. in Rockford for their Pancake Breakfast.

Meals were just five dollars and came with two pancakes, bacon and a beverage. The money raised goes back to the Girl Scouts for the troop to work on their Gold Project, which members say is similar to the Eagle Project in Boy Scouts.

"We have to create some sort of community project, but it's original, so it's not thought of before," said Maya Moucharrafie, a junior Girl Scout. "So for example, we could create some sort of ramp at a senior home, but it's something that we have to start and put in hours for."

The troop is hoping to use the money raised to reward themselves with a summer trip to Michigan after all of their hard work during the year