Full-time college student wins Capron Village President election, as a write-in candidate

CAPRON, Ill. (WIFR) -- The Village of Capron has a new leader following Tuesday night's election, but he wasn't even on the ballot.

"I was like if I could be a write-in candidate, then that's the route we'll go and if the people want it, the people are for me, then obviously you know we'll make it happen", says Conrad Lobinsky, the Village President-Elect of Capron.

The 25-year-old had no time to celebrate his win as a write-in candidate to become Capron's new Village President, because he had a full day of classes at McHenry Community College.

Lobinsky returned home in September after six years in the military, that's when he started to get politically active.

He petitioned to get on the ballot, but when that position was eventually overturned, Lobinsky decided to go the write-in route.

Tuesday night, Conrad Lobinsky picked up 101 write-in votes, more than the other two candidates, combined.

"I even had individuals who were stopping at the door, and they stopped by and said that I was the first individual to knock on their door for anything involving the village in the 20 years that they've been here", says Lobinsky. "It was those people who then came out of their home and said you reach out to us and they reached out to me and supported us through the process."

"It was very surprising because he usually doesn't like to be the center of attention", says Lobinsky's mother, Mari Lobinsky. "When he gets passionate about something, he can voice his opinion and he's very good at it."

The full-time college student says he doesn't plan on being a career politician, but he would be happy to help other politically active men and women his age get started in the process of running for office.