Freshmen return to main Harlem High School campus

MACHESNEY PARK, Ill. (WIFR)--- After more than a decade, freshmen are back in the home of the Huskies.

"It's time for us to come back together," says Harlem high school principal Tarrell Yarbrough.

School is back in session and the halls of Harlem high school are filled with Freshmen after several years. Student enrollment isn't as high as previous years and the district saw it fit to close the ninth grade campus.

The move was one year in the making and now students and teachers are settling in.

"I've worked with ninth graders the last seven years and I've really enjoyed that but this will be a new opportunity for me to work with all four grades," says guidance counselor Sarah Anderson.

Incoming freshmen like Julie Edwards are thankful they won't have to deal with the hassle of using shuttle buses to get to sports practices after school.

"They said it took a lot of time out of practice if they were late," says Edwards.

Not only does the move make after-school programs more accessible, students can now take classes they couldn't before.

"Taking different courses like AP courses or band and things like that, it's much more easier now because now we're all under one rood," says principal Yarbrough.

As for the ninth grade campus, Yarbrough says its a blank canvas but will soon make use of it.