Freeway Rockford celebrates 50 years of business

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- One Rockford business is still going strong half a century after it first opened doors in the Stateline.

Freeway Rockford is not only holding it's own, but it's also been expanding. The company is prominent washer manufacturer for the automotive fastener industry.

Right now, Freeway Rockford ships out around four million parts nationwide every day out of Rockford.

"Fifty years is a big deal in manufacturing anywhere you go," said Scott Sommer, Vice President of Freeway Rockford. "To make it through the trials and tribulations of recessions, depressions if you will. We have always come back stronger."

Freeway Rockford is one of four locations in two countries of Freeway Corporation, which is based in Cleveland. The Rockford location currently employs 38 people.