Freeport police bump up training with use-of-force simulator

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FREEPORT, Ill. (WIFR) -- The Freeport Police Department hopes to prepare its officers for any type of scenario after investing more than $30,000 for a use-of-force simulator.

The simulator is meant to put officers in hundreds of scenarios ranging from everyday interactions to situations needing deadly force. Officers can talk and interact with the screen.

The training systems can also escalate or de-escalate the situation based on the officer's response. Police hope this technology will better prepare its officers for real-life situations they may come across.

"We're able to create scenarios in here that haven't actually happened in the city of Freeport and we'll be able to prepare our officers to be able to use the right amount of force and to be able to interact with the public really, really well.' said Freeport Police Department Detective Phillip Behnke. "If something does happen similar to what we've created in here, they'll have been trained."

Officers have access to the training 24 hours a day. The department plans on using this system for training on several types of situations on a monthly basis.