Freeport man heading south to help the Red Cross with Harvey relief efforts

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- The impact of Harvey is still in full force and one stateline man is making the journey down south. Jay Castro found out two days ago that he would be leaving today to assist the Red Cross with relief efforts in Texas and Louisiana. He’s hoping to bring help and relief to as many people as he can.

"Watching the news and you wonder, how bad is this one going to be? I think this this is way beyond expectations,” said Red Cross volunteer Jay Castro.

That's why he’s is making a journey with the Red Cross to help out with relief efforts down south.

"It's like a warrior going to war, you're not sure what it's going to be like until you're there. This is war. This is against Mother Nature,” said Castro.

Castro is taking the Rock River Red Cross chapter's emergency response vehicle. Once he reaches his destination the truck will be filled with water, food and other necessities families affected may need.

"I think my main job is going to be to feed but I'm also out to save the animals. I think a lot of them are left behind,” said Castro.

The Red Cross has over 300 emergency response vehicles around the country. The Rock River chapter is happy they can send their vehicle and Castro to help those impacted by Harvey.

I think the firsthand experience of seeing the devastation is so unreal that its devastating, it’s unbelievable,” said Red Cross Volunteer Mike O’Brien.

Castro is a Navy veteran. He’s looking to use his experience to help save those who may be trapped from the flood waters.

"Being around water and being a Vietnam vet around water, I'm prepared for anything in the water. I even brought my fins, as funny as that may sound. But, when there's water there's going to be need,” said Castro.

The Red Cross says they are doing whatever they can to help our neighbors down in Texas.

"Even though our neighbors are 1800 miles away it's still a good feeling to be able to go down and help them,” said O’Brien.

"Wish us luck,” said Castro.

Castro left for his journey this morning. His tour down south will last for about two weeks before he will make the journey back home. He's hoping to help as many people as he can.