Freedom "A Church without Walls" invites the community to celebrate Easter

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - For many families going to church on Easter Sunday is an annual tradition. But some Stateline residents had the church come to them. 23 News takes a look at the unique way Freedom "A Church without Walls" celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Many community members celebrated Easter with freedom church at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine Rockford. Church leaders believe, here you pray is not important the people you surrounded yourself with while praying is what really matters.

"This is my church home," said Freedom Church Member Chelsie Ketton.

For the past 10 years, Ketton has attended church services at Freedom Church.

"I was in high school maybe even middle school when I joined the church, so I came to with my family. I went to college and would come home on holidays or weekends when I could make it home and go to church. I even moved away from Rockford for a few years and still, when I came home to visit family I would go to church," Ketton said.

Since Ketton joined Freedom, services have been held at three locations, none of which were a church building

"As long as you have your family or your friends or whoever makes you feel comfortable or happy. I guess that's all the matters as opposed to being in a solid location," Ketton said.

Pastor Herbert Johnson or Pastor Jay for short along with more than 700 people celebrated Easter together, it was an open invitation to all.

"It is important for people to know that Jesus loves everybody. I don't care what your background is your socioeconomic background, your political status. Jesus loves everybody," Pastor Jay said.

Pastor Jay made Easter about faith through songs, dances and prayer. He made it about community... with activities for all ages.

"We are going to have the traditional Easter eggs and the cotton candy, the Easter bunny. We are going to have some other characters here some line dances and a soul train line. We are so excited to invite the community,” Pastor Jay said.

This was the eighth year freedom church held an Easter celebration and Pastor Jay hopes to have promoted hope and happiness while showing the community that you can have fun while also developing your faith.

Freedom Church is an inclusive congregation and Pastor