Foundation responds to Jaimie Cox's death

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- A group dedicated to treating officers' mental health speaks out in response to the loss of Officer Cox.

The Greg Lindmark Foundation was formed after retired Rockford Deputy Chief Greg Lindmark took his life in February 2015.

Later, his brother, Brad Lindmark, started the organization with the goal of bringing more attention to the need of mental health services for officers.

Anyone who is a first responder can get free and confidential counseling through the Lindmark Foundaton.

Board leaders say the foundation was put into place to spread the word about the reality of first responders struggling with mental health issues. It is also meant to give officers an outlet to get help privately instead of having to deal with the negative stigma around officers needing help.

"Officers and first responders see things every day that the normal person does not see. When you're dealing with a situation where one of your own is involved or especially if a little kid is involved... these are things that play on an officer's mind all the time," says retired officer and Foundation Board Member, Ted Getty.

The Rockford Police Department's union president released this statement, saying, "Officer Cox, like all PB & PA Unit #6 members, was dedicated to making our community a safer and better place to live, and bravely served the Rockford Police Department. As we grieve with and support his family, we humbly request your love and prayers during this unimaginably difficult time."

Anyone who needs free counseling can either reach out to a board member or go on their website at

Foundation leaders say losing Cox is a loss, not only to the brotherhood of the Police Department, but for the community as well.