Forum promotes dialogue between citizens and local mayors

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ROCKTON, Ill. (WIFR) -- Hearing from the community for the first time ever - Rockton and Roscoe's Village Presidents and South Beloit's Mayor came together to answer citizen's questions.

From creating a park district to sewer systems - nothing was off the table for discussion tonight.

Organized by the Stateline Chamber of Commerce, this mayor's forum was also meant to create more dialogue between village leaders.

The forum opened up by asking village leaders questions about growth initiatives in their communities and what might slow those initiatives down.

South Beloit Mayor Ted Rehl discussed their sewage plant and the potential to treat Rockton's sewage there.

They also discussed creating a joint park district between the three villages and finding other ways to work together.

"I think it's good for the community, and clearly we had a cross-section of all the communities here, which I think is a good thing so they could ask questions that the individual mayors or the region as a whole and cover some of the regional issues," said Rockton Village President Dale Adams.

One of the projects Adams mentioned was a possible downtown beautification project in Rockton. He says they are soon getting feedback from several companies soon about what to do in the 100 block of Main Street.

Others said they were concerned about the asphalt plant that will soon be near Rockton. However, it will not be within Rockton village limits, so Adams said he is not control of that.