Former Vice President Dick Cheney visits the Stateline

Beloit, Wis. (WIFR) - A former vice president makes a trip to the Stateline. Dick Cheney took part in an event with Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at Beloit College.

"Nothing else is getting done. So I hope they can get it resolved shortly. I would like see a final decision made on whether or not there will be an impeachment and I would like to see the record and I don't think we've seen it by any means," Cheney said.

The Eaton Chapel was filled with people from both parties. Some curious to hear Cheney’s opinions on serious issues like the battle in Syria and others interested in what's it like to hold a position like vice president. Some Beloit College students also protested the event by standing outside with signs. But organizers were excited by the strong show of support for Cheney.

"Having the opportunity to bring in Former Vice President Dick Cheney here and have him be interviewed by Former Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker is a great opportunity for students here to hear from these very consequential leaders,” said Spencer Brown, Young America’s Foundation.

“Former Vice President Dick Cheney knowingly started the Iraq War under false pretenses. He lied to the American people about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We ask you consider the human cost of actions taken by Vice President Cheney as you listen to him speak today,” said Protestors at the event.