Floridians Put On Alert for Potential of Falling Iguanas Overnight

While it's certainly been cold in the Stateline of late, we surely haven't been alone in dealing with the chilly conditions. In fact, arctic air continues to rapidly spill southward, this evening, now having reached all the way down to Florida!

Wind Chill Advisories have even been posted for much of the Sunshine State, as temperatures are forecast to drop into the 30s as far south as Fort Myers. Major cities such as Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville will also see temperatures fall into the 30s, with chills in the 20s quite likely. It won't be quite as cold for folks down toward Miami. Still, the low 40s expected there are nearly 15° below normal for this time of year.

While it's certain to make things uncomfortable for Floridians over the next several hours, the cold may contribute to some rather unconventional sights. The National Weather Service Tuesday Afternoon issued a statement alerting Floridians to be on the lookout for falling iguanas overnight tonight.

Green iguanas, not native to Florida, are cold-blooded creatures, susceptible to chilly temperatures. As the temperatures cool into the 30s and 40s tonight, their blood doesn't move around as quickly. Eventually, they stiffen up and will fall from the trees in which they often reside.

Though they may appear to be dead, in all likelihood they are not. For that reason, residents who encounter them are encouraged to leave them alone. As they warm up with milder daytime temperatures, they may feel threatened by those around, and may bite people who may get a bit too close.