Flooding restoration meeting leaves residents disappointed

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ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR)--- East side Freeport residents gathered at St. Paul's Missionary Baptist Church for a meeting to discuss flood restoration. Community members were angry and felt they were only being given empty promises.

"To get this kind of information, this is unreal, this is unreal," says resident of 35 years, Francis Bruce.

Bruce says he's giving up and many of his neighbors are at that point as well.

In limbo, these people are waiting on the approval of a federal mitigation grant that would fund the city money to purchase homes affected by flooding. With no clear timeline, many in this community feel stuck.

"It can bring out their frustration, their anger and they someone to vent those angers to or on," say Pastor Antwon Funches.

Pastor Funches says the majority of the affected are older Black low income families.

"Most people over here live below the poverty line and so when you think in terms of being able to buy say a hot water tank, most people need help with some type of subsidy to do that," says Pastor Funches.

With limited resources, there isn't enough money to help everyone. Donations for flood relief amount to $2,700, enough to only help with one furnace repair.

A letter of inquiry was sent to FEMA 10 days ago on the status of the grant, but city officials say a response has not been given at this time.