First responders train for rural emergencies

POPLAR GROVE, Ill. (WIFR) -- It's a risky job, but someone has to do it - farming, that is.

As a farmhand on Priest Farms, David Tinberg knows a lot about heavy farm equipment and how dangerous it can be.

"We take for granted because we work with it every day," says Tinberg, adding that other people know very little about the risks involved with farm equipment.

Along with working on Priest Farms, Tinberg is also a Captain with Capron's Fire Department.

"We've got so many trainings with fire service with technology as far as car technology, but ag kind of gets overlooked," Tinberg adds.

That's why he, along with many others joined in on the Farm Equipment 101 Day put on by the Winnebago-Boone Farm Bureau.

The training included classes to show first responders what to do in these less than common rural emergency situations.

"We're still a rural department. We have a few farms in our area," says Shane Schiro, the Blackhawk Fire Department Chief.

Training also included grain bin rescue tips, heavy equipment rescue tips, and education on when to call for a helicopter.

"We can provide give them information on why to request us; when to put this resource in the air," says Flight Paramedic, Jonathon Hartmann.

So that workers like Tinberg can focus on what's really important - getting the job done.

"If they didn't have this training, they may not know exactly how to handle it. They may actually cause more harm than doing good," adds Tinberg.