First Frost of the Season Likely for the Stateline This Weekend

For the first time since last Wednesday, temperatures returned to the 70s over most of the Stateline! The good news is that we won't wait six days for our next 70° temperatures. In fact, it's likely each of the next two days will reach the 70° mark, and it's entirely possible that Wednesday and Thursday could end up being even warmer than today!

Things begin to go downhill as Thursday Night and Friday approach, and the news gets downright ugly by Friday Night and Saturday. A powerhouse storm system, one that's to bring feet of snow to portions of the Northern Rockies and significant snow accumulations to parts of the Plains, will be ramping up on Thursday as it approaches the Upper Midwest. The storm's initial impacts here will be in the form of abundant cloudiness Thursday, with a few showers or storms that may threaten later in the day. Much better will be our thunderstorm chances come Thursday Night, continuing through a good portion of the day on Friday.

While it's too early to drum up any hype about a potential severe weather risk for the Stateline in the Thursday/Friday time period, it's a situation worth monitoring as we get closer to the event, simply given the strength of the powerhouse storm system and the associated cold front that will be plowing through the area. Gusty winds would present the main threat with any thunderstorms that move through our area.

Storms should end rather quickly by Friday Evening, offering at least a glimmer of hope for the high school football games scheduled for our area. That said, the news is hardly good for those games, even if they were to be played underneath dry conditions. We mentioned there was a strong cold front set to be barreling through the Stateline Friday. It's set to send temperatures from the mid to upper 60s in the late morning to the 40s by kickoff for football, eventually crashing into the 30s by the time we awake Saturday Morning! What's more, powerful westerly winds will further add to the chill, with wind chill values in the 20s likely in most spots. And, while snow's not likely to occur in the Stateline this go-around, you wouldn't have to drive all that far to find a few flakes. Snowflakes are likely to occur across parts of Northern Wisconsin at some point this weekend.

Many areas will see the first frost of the season by Saturday Morning. Those who don't see it then will likely experience a frost in the days that follow, as temperatures are likely to fall into the mid to upper 30s every night through Monday. While certainly a shock to the system given the recent mild trend, a frost this time of year isn't at all uncommon! In fact, our first frost has occurred on or before today's date in three of the past five years! Our first freeze won't likely happen during this cool spell. That's likely still well over a week away.