Faith Center's maximized manhood summit

ROCKFORD Ill. (WIFR) -- Consistency, decisiveness and strength, those are the three pillars of manhood according to a national pastor and author who is spending the weekend in Rockford talking to local men of faith.

Doctor Paul Cole is the president of the Christians men's network and author of “Daring - a call to courageous manhood" Cole was one of a number of speakers at tonight’s second annual maximized manhood men summit. The speaker’s goals are to encourage these men to do what is right for themselves, their families and society by becoming men of god.

"We are not trying to reengineer a man the way he looks or whatever and all the religious things. We are looking at changing the heart of a man. When you change his heart you change what he does with his hands," said Cole

"And lead their home into a better relationship, higher value systems and teaching children as they are growing to walk straight, live right, and so on. So this is a conference to stir men," said Apostle Don Lyon.

This event continues through tomorrow night. You can learn more about the faith center on their website