Exploring women's health amid coronavirus pandemic

Published: Mar. 31, 2020 at 5:12 PM CDT
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"We rely a lot on what our patients are telling us even if we were seeing you in the clinic."

With non-essential procedures and tests being postponed for the foreseeable future, the use of virtual appointments is on the rise, with doctors like Tiffanie Ferry eager to work with her patients in a new way.

"I've been doing them all week from home and they have been really working out well. I feel like I'm able to address patients concerns, and then also give them guidance as to 'how soon do you have to come in to do those blood tests or if it's something that's more of a routine blood test, can we push it back a couple of months?" said Dr. Ferry.

For those who work in holistic medicine, exploring online yoga sessions and informational workshops can give clients a sense of calm during a stressful time.

"I think the difference and working with those people that needed a little bit more of a gentle approach was I'm missing the one on one, but we've learned to even take those clients and those students, virtually," said Keri Hoyt, instructor with Ahimsa - Yoga with Keri.

As people prepare for a longer trek into the unknown, Womanspace's Christi Russell says approaching it with clarity is key.

"We should always use an approach from a healthy mind and a healthy perspective, whether we're avoiding it, preventing it or we're dealing with family members or loved ones who may have it," said Russell.

All three women encourage people to listen to their bodies and keep an open line of communication if any concerns arise.