Experts share the latest garage door trends of 2020

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DIXON, Ill. (WIFR) -- If your 2020 resolution is to keep up with the latest trends you may want to consider revamping your garage door.

Experts with Raynor Garage Doors in Dixon say small improvements to your garage door can have a big impact on the curb appeal of your home. Some trends this year are adding color and more windows to allow more light to come in. Garage door openers are also changing. Some garages can now be opened or closed with just the touch of a button on your smartphone. Raynor experts say these updates can be a wise spend.

“Renovating your garage door for your existing home as a retrofit has tremendous return on investment. Typically it trends roughly around 97 or 98 percent return on investment overtime, so from a home improvement standpoint it's one of the best investments that a homeowner can make,” said Peter Elsenbach with Raynor Garage Doors.