Exelon debates value of Byron nuclear plant

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BYRON, Ill. (WIFR) - The Ogle County Board of Review makes a decision on the value of the Byron power plant after Exelon says the current value is too high.

Exelon filed an appeal saying the value they were given by the assessor was too high; that value was $546 million, however, the board of review agreed to keep it at that amount.

The school district was asking for the property value to be assessed at $647 million, however, Exelon asked for $158 million according to Ogle County Supervisor of Assessments James Harrison.

"There's a lot of things to look at in these appraisals. One of the things that sort of bothers me is the inconsistency of the Exon appraisals over the years. They ask for this and then they ask for that. The school's appraiser seems to be a little more consistent," says Harrison.

If Exelon chooses to, their next step will be to file with property tax appeal board.