Employees who have to work on Thanksgiving

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 5:50 PM CST
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"I enjoy serving them and making sure their tummies are full when they go back to work," said cafeteria host Janelle Smith.

While most of you spend Thanksgiving surrounded by family, some have to work.

"When you're in the medical field, you know you are going to have to work holidays. You know you're going to make sacrifices, your family knows you're going to make sacrifices, and it all works out," said Phlebotomists Jeff Leisher.

Jeff Leisher doesn't take it easy on the holiday... His work day is like any other.

"We work 12 hour shifts three days a week. We respond to patient's rooms and to the emergency room and draw the labs that helps doctors diagnose and treat the patients," said Leisher.

"Physicians aren't the only employees who have to work on holidays. Many jobs require people to work around the clock... law enforcement officers, retail associates and journalists.

"When you work with people for many years you're like a family. You spend more time with them than you do your actual family. It does feel good to sit with coworkers, but I’d rather be home with your family.”

SwedishAmerican, and other workplaces, make arrangements so employees can enjoy a meal with their “work” family.

"You have or rely on some of your family to help as well. As long as you're working. My husband stays at home and makes sure everything is being cook, is in, and done,” said Smith.

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