Elementary school club donates more than 1,000 food items

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- During the holiday season people focus on giving back but after the new year hits there can be a lull, that's why the Rock River Pantry relies on donations this time of the year. Friday brought a gift from a unique donor

"I think if we all helped out a little more then our community wouldn't struggle to find food," McNair Elementary student Svea Glidden said.

Glidden, 10, volunteered at a food pantry. that inspired her to start a club at McNair Elementary School its goal is to donate food to a pantry. Glidden, and 13 other students collected more than one thousand items. Rock River Pantry Executive Director Kim Adams-Bakke says donations like this help keep them open.

"At that age it's really inspiring that our youth of tomorrow are getting involved in benefitting the children of today,” Adams-Bakke said. “So, these kids are going to make a difference, and the takeaway that they're going to get from that is knowing that they've touched some lives, and hopefully they will be able to continue to do that for many years to come.”