Durand police officers teach high school students about officer etiquette

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DURAND, Ill (WIFR) -- Run ins with the law are generally not seen as good thing, but for students at one stateline school, police want to change the stigma surrounding our local law enforcement.

Durand police officers visited Durand High School to teach kids about driver safety and how to talk with officers during a road stop. Officers and troopers met with students and staff to dispel any worries the students had in talking to police and to teach them how to act when dealing with law enforcement in their community.

Chief Jeff Schelling of the Durand Police Department informed us, “Well I think it helps ease their tension with their encounters with law enforcement. You know they’re going to have encounters with law enforcement either by via traffic stop or by crash. We want them to understand how to prepare themselves for those situations and how best to respond to the officers and know what their responsibility is as the driver."

The driving instructor at the high school has kept a positive relationship with the Durand police and even was the instructor for Rockford police Captain Heintz when he went to Winnebago.