Dream job alert: Get paid $1,000 to play 'Fortnite'

Courtesy: Pixabay/Epic Games
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(WIFR) -- If you're a gamer looking for extra cash, there's a summer job made just for you.

Utah-based company "High Speed Internet" is offering $1,000 for one lucky gamer to play 'Fortnite' and show off their skills. The chosen candidate will also receive free high-speed Internet for one year, in addition to a new modem and router.

If chosen, you would play the game on upgraded Internet connection for 50 hours between June 7 and July 21. Then, you would report about your gaming experience and offer feedback on how the Internet upgrades made an impact.

To apply, you must be at least 18 years old and send an application by May 31.

If you would like to apply, click here​.