Dramatic warming trend to get underway Friday

Cold spells have been quite uncommon so far this winter, but we're in the midst of arguably the longest one all season long. Just twice in the past ten days have we registered above normal temperatures. The cold snap is only a matter of hours away from being over, though, as warming gets underway in earnest on Friday.

Temperatures will continue to fall into the single digits areawide Thursday Night, perhaps even reaching zero in a spot or two. But, as winds shift to the southwest after midnight, temperatures will level out, and may even rise a degree or two by the time the sun comes up Friday.

More pronounced warming is to take place as the aforementioned southwesterly breezes organize and strengthen during the day. With these winds traveling over primarily bare ground to our south, the air should have little problem warming efficiently. Temperatures by the end of the afternoon are likely to reach the middle and upper 30s, with one or two locations potentially reaching 40°.

Breezy conditions are likely to keep overnight lows in the 20s Friday Night, providing the Stateline with a warmer base from which to start the day Saturday. As southwest winds continue to blow with gusto Saturday, and thanks to a full complement of sun once again, temperatures will have no trouble at all reaching well into the 40s! It's not inconceivable that a few spots may even flirt with 50° Saturday Afternoon, especially along and south of the I-88 corridor.

Despite a few more clouds advancing into the Stateline later in the day Sunday, another day of mid to upper 40s is guaranteed. Should the clouds hold off until Sunday Night, a 50° high temperature is again a very distinct possibility. In any case, Sunday's temperatures are almost certainly set to be the warmest we've seen here since January 9.