Rockford labor workers participate in domestic violence training

Published: Jun. 11, 2019 at 10:28 PM CDT
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Local Union leaders join forces with Rockford’s Mayor's Office on Domestic Violence to make employees aware of domestic violence in the workplace.

A third of Rockford’s violent crimes are domestic related and having the resources to help a co-worker could make all the difference.

"The more that we know the warning signs we can identify and the more resources we can connect within our community," said Teacher at Guilford High School, Christina Magee.

Magee says she's excited to see labor organizations from across the Stateline coming together to learn how they can help co-workers who are victims of domestic violence.

"It's important for our workers who are involved in domestic violence situations that we are empathetic to what they are going through and we can seek help for a better work environment," Magee said.

Magee says this training is also helpful to keep students safe.

"The more that we teacher can observe those triggers may be and make sure we are not triggering that same kind of experiences for our students when they are in the classroom I think that's important," Magee said.

"Unions and union reps is one of those places where we can join forces and bring together different skill sets to see how we can unify behind this issue," said Children's Safe Harbor Executive Director Megan Brechon.

Brechon spoke at Tuesday’s training, touching on how domestic violence can impact someone’s work ethic.

"It actually influences things like job performances, absenteeism, tardiness, and people have to take time away from work to handle things related to domestic violence," Brechon said.

Once you know what to look for Brechon says it can be overwhelming how many people are facing these issues.

"You will see it and it will come to you and you need to be prepared on how you are going to handle that when it happens," Brechon said.

Other topics of conversation at the session include the benefits the family peace center will have on victims and the process of going through domestic violence court.

The Rockford Labor Union plans to host more domestic violence’s training soon.