Dogs Day Out event teaches new ways to have fun with our furry friends

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BELVIDERE, Ill. (WIFR) -- Keeping our pets physically active and healthy can be a challenge at times with busy schedules and that's why Meyer’s Pet Care held its 3rd annual Dogs Day Out in Belvidere.

The free event featured creative and new ways that we can have fun with man's best friend including behavior techniques, tricks, rally drills and canine aquatics where dogs could go for a jump off the running dock. Organizers say spending more quality time with our pet ensures that they remain not only healthy but also happy.

“Anytime we encourage people in the community to get out and do things with their dogs it's going to do nothing but better their relationship. Anytime we can teach people about things like that and educate them about things their dog would love to do we love that opportunity,” said Gwen Meyer, the Owner of Meyer’s Pet Care.

Meyer’s offers several behavior training classes and therapy programs for dogs. You can find those classes at