Diverse crowds join together to advocate for change

Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 6:14 AM CDT
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"I'm here for everybody, everybody."

Large crowds join together at Haskell Park Tuesday evening, advocating for change and demanding justice.

"I really think that it's important that these marches happen. They're happening all over the world and they're making a difference. People are starting to come together unfortunately a little bit of it is violence but you know the word is getting out. "

"I don't understand how I'm in a country that allows racism to just get away and racist cops racist politicians we're just sick of it."

"We want better, we want better."

Some protesters say past experiences spark their need to advocate for change.

"I grew up on the west side I grew up kinda in that community. Obviously I'm white so i don't know everything a black person has went through, but I can see from friends and family when they were growing up what they went through."

One protester says she will do whatever it takes to get justice.

"If it has to take us coming out here every single day protesting for the freedom of black people and the injustice for black people then I'll be here everyday."