District candidates talk at public forum, answer questions

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- A local group hosted a forum to let politicians express their views.

Primary congressional candidates for the 16th and 17th districts of Illinois presented their views at a public forum in Rockford.

"The need to rebuild our infrastructure," said Beth Vercolio-Osmund.
"Problem is population loss," said Sara Dady.
"Our government has become too over centralized," said Bill Fawell.
"I think one of the biggest problems facing the country in general is divisiveness," said Amy Murri Briel.

Each candidate has an issue which they believe is the biggest problem at the moment. The forum gave them a chance to discuss their ideas of fixing certain problems and connecting with the voters. Candidates were asked the same questions to begin, followed by audience questions and a final statement.

"This is a great opportunity to connect with our voters up in the northern part of our district," said Osmund.

The forum was hosted by the League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford, who only invited candidates with opponents to the event.

"I think that the League of Women Voters represents a non-partisan forum for people to get their voices out," said Briel.

The forum gave them a chance to express their views and gain some last minute voters since March 20th is just weeks away.

"Next step is continually going, meeting people," said Fawell.
"Getting our G.O.T.V. up and running," said Briel.
"Well we're pressing on to march 20th," said Osmund.
"Well we're going to turn out the vote march 20th," said Dady.

3/20 is the magic number for the candidates and they're all hoping their names resonate with the voters.

Currently the 16th district belongs to Adam Kinzinger while Cheri Bustos controls the 17th congressional district of Illinois.