Discovery Center celebrates 50th anniversary of moon landing

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - Saturday marks 50 years since Apollo 11 landed on the moon, so the Discovery Center Museum dedicated this week to space education and Rockford astronaut Janice Voss. 23 News met with a friend of Voss to learn how her success impacted Rockford.
"She had a very delightful sense of humor and just very inspiring," said Sarah Wolf, Discovery Center Museum.
Voss made it her priority to return to the forest city and share her story with kids at the Discovery Center.
"She often talked to children about, you don't always get where you want right away but, if you have something in mind that you are determined to do and you just keep at it, eventually you'll reach that goal," Wolf said.
Voss fought a tough battle against breast cancer and died in 2012, her parents then donated items to create the Janice Voss exhibit at the museum.
"Between her family and our exhibit people here we were able to create something here that was very lasting,” Wolf said.
"It shows that people who can do great things can come from anywhere," said Robert Gates, Discovery Center Museum visitor.
Gates visits the Discover Center with his grandkids and enjoys looking at Voss’s exhibit.
"The people of Rockford should be really proud of the people they have spawned and done great things," Gates said.
And with the moon landing's 50th anniversary Saturday, gates took some time to share what he remembers of that day.
"I remember sitting around the TV and watching Walter Cronkite with the rest of the family and what an achievement it was of many years of many years of trying to get to the moon," Gates said.
Discovery Center is celebrating the 50th anniversary Friday with the ‘To the Moon’ event, featuring lots of family-friendly space theme activities.