Discharged veteran and family may be left homeless

Returning home from service to literally nothing - that will be the reality for one Rockford man after his seven and a half years of service.
Joshua Sodergren and his family have been living will be returning to his hometown of Rockford with no home or belongings other than what he can pack in a suitcase. Sodergren will be getting payment from a severence package, but not until 6 weeks after he moves back to the area.

Even though Rockford has programs for veterans, they have to be approved. That approval process can't start until Joshua is back in the area. This forces him and his family of 6 to be homeless for those 6 weeks. His sister, Megan Sodergren, says she feels as if he's been abandoned.
"I feel like they are literally being taken and dropped off with no help from something that he's devoted the last 8 years of his life to, that was such a huge dream of his; and I feel like they're not helping him transition out of that in any way possible," says Megan, who says the whole situation is very overwhelming.

Joshua's family's belongings won't be shipped until 6 weeks after he arrives in the area. Right now he's working with the Veteran's Drop-in Center for placement.