Despite Multiple Rain Chances, the Good Outweighs the Bad

Let's get straight to the point. If you include the rain chances in our forecast overnight, there's rain in our forecast five of the next six days. It's a rather ominous looking sentence, to say the least. The good news is that there are plenty of caveats in play for just about every one of those five rain chances. In the coming paragraphs, we'll break down each one of the upcoming rain chances.

We'll begin in the short term. Showers have developed Thursday Evening, and have attempted to overspread the region for a several hour period. Though the radar had been detecting rainfall for much of the night, rain had still yet to materialize as of 11:00pm, thanks exclusively to the presence of very dry air in the lower levels of the atmosphere. That's not to say it's not raining overhead. In fact, it most certainly is! But the low-level dry air is causing the water to evaporate before reaching ground level. Eventually the atmosphere will saturate, and a few hours of light, scattered showers are likely into the early morning hours Friday.

During the day Friday, many dry hours are promised, though the day's certain to be much more cloudy than the past two days have been here. With temperatures in the low to mid-60s, though, there should provide ample time for adults and kids alike to get outdoors for some fresh air. Shower chances will increase later in the day out ahead of our next, stronger system set to impact our area.

In the short term part of our forecast, Friday Night appears to be the main event, without a doubt. Rain chances rise to a near certainty by mid to late evening, with rain set to continue for much of the night. At this point, thunder does not appear to be a major threat, but an embedded rumble can't be entirely ruled out.

Latest computer guidance has sped up the exit of this storm system, which is great news for our weekend! Though we'll hold on to a rain chance for the morning hours Saturday, many of our models are suggesting rain is to be out our area entirely by mid-morning, with sunshine quickly sliding in to dominate, not only the rest of the day Saturday, but the remainder of the weekend! Conservative estimates have sunshine back in here by 10:00 Saturday Morning, though don't be surprised to see it arrive even earlier!

Temperatures will retreat to more seasonable levels Saturday and Sunday, but with the abundant sun, it'll be hard to find too many complaints at all. Monday and Tuesday are to bring a resurgence of warmth our way, along with a significant uptick in moisture. With the Stateline positioned to be in somewhat of an atmospheric battleground during this period, a few intermittent showers and storms aren't to be ruled out either day. That said, both days are to feature more dry hours than wet ones, along with some of the warmest temperatures we've seen, not only all year, but since October! Our first 70s still appear on track to occur Tuesday.