Denali Heights residents upset construction is at a standstill

ROSCOE, Ill. (WIFR) - The big topic of conversation at the Village of Roscoe special board meeting is about the unfinished construction work along the streets in the Denali Heights subdivision.

Unpaved roads, no school buses or internet access are among many problems homeowners are facing. But Tuesday board members took a step in the right direction to solve the problem.

"The houses are great, our neighbors are great, and the neighborhood is great. There are just little things that are starting to become an issue," said Denali Heights Resident, Joe Gulik.

Gulik says when he moved to Denali Heights in December. He didn't know what he was getting himself into.

"My wife back where we moved from started an at home business. We are struggling to get internet capabilities and mail. Which is a problem because she gets her supplies delivered," Gulik said.

Gulik knew the roads weren’t done; the other issues were a surprise.

"They didn't say anything about Wi-Fi or about mail. They said there is a group mailbox down there and we knew until the roads came in that we wouldn't get mail. But that mailbox isn't in service either," Guilk said.

These problems stem from an ongoing dispute between Petry Home Builders and the village regarding ordinance changes from 2005. Which Village Administrator Scott Sanders says weren't being followed. Roscoe leaders brought in Strand Associations Inc. to provide some options and get these roads fixed.

"The ordinance now dictates that new roads are all built to what we call an urban standard which is curb and gutter and sidewalk. But there is that option for the board to waive that standard and to prehab’s pressure a rural standard," Sanders said.

The board did not come to a conclusion because they are still waiting to see what happens in the lawsuit with Petry.

In a statement, Petry said, "Petry Home Builders remains committed to providing quality homes and construction in Denali Heights neighborhood. Unfortunately, due to the Village of Roscoe not issuing Petry Home Builders adequate permits, we have been prevented from fulfilling our commitment to excellence. We have requested the Village of Roscoe allow us to put the roads in based on the prior agreements with the Village of Roscoe preceding the seventy homes built in Plat 1. Our request remains denied by the Village of Roscoe. We have since filed suit in the hopes of obtaining the approval to pave the roads according to prior agreements with the Village of Roscoe and in uniformity to abutting neighborhoods."

Sanders says the board could come to a decision about what construction plan they want to look into as early as Tuesday.