Daughter of ISP trooper raising awareness of Scott's Law

Courtesy: Move Over Project (Facebook)
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QUAD CITIES, Ill. (WIFR) -- A 12-year-old daughter of an Illinois State Police Trooper makes a special effort to raise awareness of Scott's Law.

Lucy Kuelper,12, wants to inspire others to move over and follow Scott's Law as part of the "Move Over Project"​.

Kuelper's father serves as an ISP trooper for District 7 in the Quad Cities area. Her efforts comes after three ISP troopers have been struck and killed this year, including two over the past week.

She shared this message in a Facebook post:

“I’m encouraging family members in Illinois and beyond to stand up and spread the word with real photos. Let’s see the real connection to bring awareness to Scott’s law. Scott’s Law 625 ILCS 5/11-907(c) mandates any vehicle that is approaching a stationary authorized emergency vehicle with their emergency lights flashing to reduce your speed, change lanes if possible, and proceed with due caution. Please slow and move over. #MoveOver #Itsthelaw #Moveoverfor #EnoughisEnough#moveoverillinois“