Cybercrime prosecution challenges for law enforcement

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Ogle County, Ill. (WIFR) - - Ogle County State's Attorney Eric Morrow says some people believe they can do anything on the internet without repercussions.

"Criminals are going to use whatever technology they can to take advantage of people. Law enforcement has caught up with that,” said Morrow.

It requires attorneys and law enforcement to collaborate with internet and cell phone providers, and for social media outlets to spot illegal activity.

"We actually had one of those in town. A Nigerian man who was doing that from Rochelle. We were actually able to track him down and arrest him. If you are taking out of state or out of the county, that becomes very problematic for us,” said Eric Higby, Ogle County Police Chief.

Police say the best protection against cyber crimes starts with you. They urge users to create private accounts and avoid public posting of personal information or photos.

"I wouldn't give out your banking information to anyone on a cold call or email you are not absolutely certain who they are,” said Higby.