Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish facing lawsuit over fence around home

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CHICAGO (WIFR) -- Chicago Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish faces a lawsuit after neighbors say a fence around his home ruined their view of Lake Michigan.

According to a report​ from the Chicago Tribune, recently installed a solid wood cedar fence that blocks the view of Lake Michigan in suburban Evanston for some neighbors.

That lawsuit alleges that the wooden fence obstructs another family’s view of Lake Michigan in violation of a decades-old easement. It also alleges the Darvish family and their representatives undertook a “bait and switch tactic” to get permission for the fence, unbeknownst to some neighbors.

“This was a hard decision for my husband and me to do this (to sue), but obviously our quality of life has been impacted, and our property values have been impacted,” Alex Eyler, who filed the lawsuit, told the Chicago Tribune.

The Darvish family, and the Chicago Cubs, have not commented publicly on the lawsuit. A court date for the lawsuit is set for July 29.