Crews continue preparations for Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- The 33rd Annual Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition takes spotlight after a week of frigid cold and moderate snowfall.

The competition will take place from Feb. 6-9 at Sinnissippi Park. While the event had originally been scheduled in mid-January, organizers decided to push it back after persistently mild temperatures to start the year.

Eight teams will be competing for a chance to represent Illinois in the U.S. Nationals Snow Sculpting Competition. The festivities also include a high school competition.

Crews will continue building snow blocks through Tuesday to prepare for the contest. Organizers say the weather plays a key role in this event, and, when you live in the Midwest, you have to roll with the punches mother nature throws at you.

"Creating the blocks and having the conditions where it's safe for people to work, but also having conditions where what you're working on isn't melting, it's all kind of the key factors of what makes this event go," said Rockford Park District projects manager John Beck.

All snow sculpting winners will be chosen this Saturday. The Rockford Park District encourages the public to get out and see the masterpieces.

Fore more information on the competition, click here​.