Cow-dressed customers pack Chick-fil-A for free food

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Chick-fil-A offered a deal so 'udderly' ridiculous on Tuesday that it had stateliners leaving their homes dressed up as cows.

In honor of Cow Appreciation Day, Chick-fil-A gave away a free breakfast, lunch or dinner entrée to all customers who dressed up as a cow.

"The most fun thing is getting to see how excited the guests are to come, and how excited they are to be at Chick-fil-A," says employee Alex Emenecker. "Everybody kind of fights to work this day. Everybody wants to work on Cow Appreciation Day."

Tuesday marks Chick-fil-A's 15th year celebrating Cow Appreciation Day. Last year, more than 2 million people took advantage of the special nationwide.