County Departments cope with budget cuts

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- One of the eight County Departments facing budget cuts is the Recorder of Deeds. They'll have to slash $300,000 from their budget.

Department heads for the recorder of deeds say they are lucky to have enough funds to manage the cuts. They say this isn't even close to the first time they've had to manage them.

The Recorder of Deeds will be taking from what they call their Recorder's Automation Fund.

That fund is gathered from each document that the office handles. They say small ways of cutting spending is manageable because of that extra fund. However, they say they would be concerned if they had to take from anywhere else.

"We have taken cuts before, and how I've usually handled that, it hasn't been to this extent. What I can do from past experiences is reduce supplies. I'm glad we have a budget that is balanced," says County Recorder of Deeds, Nancy McPherson.

Mcpherson says customer service will not be affected by the cuts.

Some other departments in the county facing cuts say they are still deciding how they will manage their cuts.

The County Board will be able to make amendments to the budget until October 26th. The current budget takes affect on October 1st.