Rockton construction causes summer traffic

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) --Construction on Blackhawk Blvd. in downtown Rockton has raised concerns throughout the village. The Illinois Department of Transportation has demanded a stoplight be placed at the intersection of Blackhawk Blvd. and Main St.

"The village has received quite a few complaints about it, but this is something that simply is not under the village's control whether or not that becomes a stoplight or remains a stop sign," said Planning and Development Administrator for the Village of Rockton, Tricia Diduch.

Businesses in the area are beginning to struggle because of the congestion caused by the construction. Store managers like Rachel Neihaus are asking a few questions.

"Why did we need this project? And why did we need the stoplight? Honestly, being here and and working it's like, this doesn't make sense. I don't know why we've got this," said manager of Naturally Organic grocery store, Rachel Neihaus.

Business owners have even seen a major decline in the amount of customers they see.

"Business has been quieter the last two or three weeks... Every customer I have that comes in talks about the light, and they all hate it," said owner of Butler's Emporium, Sarah Baines.

The village says the temporary stoplights will be out of the intersection by the end of the summer.

"I just hope that the improvements are going to be significantly better and will have been worth the temporary strife to businesses and visitors alike," said Diduch.