Construction begins on Valencia Apartments

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Construction on the Valencia Apartments is underway, and building owners say this could be just what the neighborhood needs.

These buildings, in the 500 block of Fisher Avenue, were designed in the 1920's. Crews have already started renovating the first of those four buildings and hope to have it finished and close to full within a month.

Urban Equity Properties purchased the property and say they are trying to maintain as much of the original structure as they can. The complex will also be fully-gated. Owners hope this betters the neighborhood overall.

"These properties sat vacant for a long, long time, and like a lot of other projects and buildings we've renovated, these buildings were really facing the demolition ball. Instead of going down that route, we, of course, stepped up and said, 'These are great, historic properties that deserve better than that,'" says Urban Equity President, Justin Fern.

These apartments will be a mix of one and two bedrooms and rent will range from $525 to $750 a month.