Community mourns the loss of Trooper Jones-Story

WARREN, Ill. (WIFR)--- Flags all around the town were sold out, there were signs in windows in loving memory of Jones-Story and the community says everybody pitched in to make sure everything was perfect to honor the fallen trooper.

"To me this means unity, let's try to bring everybody together so that incident's like this don't happen because they don't need to happen. It's senseless," says Timothy Nelson who traveled all the way from Milwaukee to pay his respects.

With sorrow in their hearts, the Warren community stood tall and proud of Jones-Story. Together, they paid their last tribute to an officer who touched the lives of many.

"Just watching the community come together because we are really good at that and it was awesome to come down here and see all the flags," says senior at Warren High School, Kaitlyn Brown.

The community says they're healing but find comfort in doing what they can to support Jones-Story's family.