Commander Paul Bauer Act introduced to Illinois lawmakers

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WIFR) - Illinois lawmakers will hear several bills brought to the floor this week on gun control including one named after Chicago police Commander Paul Bauer who was killed earlier this month while on duty.

The Commander Paul Bauer Act would ban extended magazines on weapons and would increase penalties for non-police use of ballistic body armor.

Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson traveled to Springfield to support the legislation. Johnson called the Bauer Act "common sense" legislation.

"To be quite honest there's no reason anyone needs an extended magazine clip walking the streets of our city. And to be honest there's no reason anyone needs body armor other than law enforcement and security personnel walking the streets of Chicago," said Johnson.

The Illinois House Judiciary Committee will also review several other proposals this week including sales ban of assault weapons to anyone under the age of 21 as well as a sales ban on bump stocks.