Comfort dog from Belvidere visits with victims in Orlando

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ORLANDO, Fla. (WIFR) -- Help is pouring in for victims from the Orlando nightclub shooting and some of that help is coming from the Stateline.

"As soon as there was skin contact was made with the fur there would be tears, and also prayers," Libby Robertson, the handler for Kye, a Comfort Dog, said.

Kye’s smiling face brings a lot of comfort. In fact, it's in his title. Kye is a Comfort Dog from Belvidere, but he's in Orlando all week helping victims, families, first responders, and anyone else who needs a little cheer.

"When they see the dogs it’s just a chance to sit back and reflect and relax a little bit," Robertson explained.

Wednesday morning Kye was at the hospital, meeting with victims and first responders.

"That was probably the most humbling thing for me to see who first of all as we came in who the true heroes are, the trauma, surgeons, nurses, and the respiratory therapists, all the staff who have been working hard since Sunday," she said.

Tuesday night Kye and Robertson brought comfort to the memorial site. Robertson says there's one message she keeps hearing over and over.

"There's tears shed but everyone that we meet will tell us, we can overcome this. we're going to go on and we're going to show people that love is going to live, not hate."

Every meeting, hug, and tail wag from Kye, helping heal and make Orlando strong.

Kye is one of 12 dogs from 7 states in Orlando. They'll be there until Monday.

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