Coldest Temperatures in Two Months Arrive Overnight

We've get to see sub-zero temperatures in the Stateline this winter, and we haven't really gotten all that close. The 3° low temperature the morning of November 12 was as low as we've fallen this cold season. Thursday Morning's forecast low temperature of 7° in Rockford would easily be the coldest temperatures we've seen since then.

Much colder air is rushing into the Stateline on the heels of an increasingly gusty northwesterly wind. Those winds, blowing steadily at 10 to 20 miles per hour Wednesday Evening, have sent wind chills into the single digits in parts of the Stateline already. With those winds expected to remain intact overnight, we're to expect both temperatures and wind chills to maintain their sharp and steady decline.

We'll certainly want to bundle up in the morning, as wind chills may drop as low as -10° in some of the coldest outlying locales. It won't be enough to delay or cancel school Thursday, but it will feel colder than it has at any point over the past two months!

Despite sunshine from start to finish Thursday, temperatures will struggle to get much above 20°, and chills will hold in the single digits and teens throughout the day. While this chill's most certainly to be formidable, it will pale in comparison to a much more brutal, and likely more long-lived arctic outbreak due in next week.