Coldest Temperatures Since March Ahead as Two Cold Blasts Barrel Into the Stateline

Remember that time when our temperatures were in the 50s Wednesday? The "warmth", while a nice change of pace, wasn't around long, as temperatures began a sharp decline in the afternoon. By 9:00 Wednesday Evening, thermometers were reading at least 20° cooler in most, if not all of the Stateline, and the downturn's just beginning.

Biting northerly winds have sent temperatures crashing, and wind chills have plummeted at an even more rapid rate, sitting in the teens area-wide by mid-evening Wednesday. As skies clear overnight, expect temperatures and chills to fall at a more expeditious rate, with temperatures eventually ticketed for the upper teens and wind chills falling into the single digits in many locales as Thursday gets underway.

Despite a full complement of sunshine expected Thursday, don't expect any relief in the temperature department. The forecast high temperature of 30° would mark the coldest daytime high since March 7, exactly eight month ago. While winds may ease a bit Thursday, there's still to be enough of a breeze to keep wind chills at or below 20° all day long.

The chill will ease somewhat Friday, and a gush of Pacific air is to bring sharp warming to the area Saturday, albeit briefly. Still, temperatures Saturday appear to have a good chance at reaching 50° once again, before an even sharper downturn is set into motion Sunday. A powerful cold front will barrel through the area Sunday, sending temperatures from early levels in the 40s down into the mid teens at night, then paving the way to what's looking likely to be a historically cold Veteran's Day and quite likely beyond.

Monday's nearly certain to produce daytime temperatures in the 20s for the first time since early March. Current projections suggest we'll tie the record for the coldest November 11 on record, with a forecast high of 26°. The 24° high temperature forecast for Tuesday would establish a new record for November 12.

Longer range guidance suggests a more meaningful warming trend may finally work into our area by next weekend.