Cold weather increaes risk for heart attack, new research finds

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Colder weather is making its way toward the Stateline. According to new research​ from the American Medical Association, the colder weather could increase your risk of a heart attack.

A study found that the incidence of heart attacks increased with conditions such as lower air temperature, lower atmospheric air pressure, higher wind velocity and shorter sunshine duration.

"When the weather is colder and you're outside, your arteries constrict especially in your skin your heart arteries," said Rockford cardiologist Dr. Shaun Kurien. "When your arteries constrict your blood pressure can go up, it's a lot more strain on your heart your body needs to maintain its temperature so the heart has to work harder."

According to the study, each temperature increase of about 13 degrees was tied to a 2.8 percent decrease in heart attack risk.