Cold Weather Purchases

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WINNEBAGO, Ill. (WIFR) - Many people are running out to get cold weather items, especially hand warmers. The Ace Hardware in Winnebago sold over fifty hand warmers Friday.

Ace Hardware says many customers have been in buying hand and toe warmers to get ready for chilly football games. They're also selling anti-freeze and salt for people to start preparing for snow.

"We went from summer to winter right away, and so now we're cold. I don't think people were really prepared for how cold it was actually going to get until you walk out that door and that wind hits your face, then you're like oh, you know, it's cold," says Ace Hardware Shift Manager Donna Chambers.

Ace Hardware's neighbor Sullivan's Foods also say they have been selling hot chocolate like crazy as some people plan to inside to avoid the chilly weather.