Clock Tower Auction Boosts New Freeport Business

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FREEPORT, Ill (WIFR) -- Items auctioned off from the former Clock Tower Resort in Rockford are finding new life in the Stateline, jumpstarting one Freeport business.

The Grand River Hall was just a dream until Holly Boeger's family saw an opportunity to put items from the former Clock Tower Resort to work for their new business.

The Grand River Hall is located inside the former Rawleigh building in downtown Freeport. It will soon be home to an expansive event hall that will feature three unique spaces each using items from the former Clock Tower Resort ranging from chairs to kitchen appliances. Boeger says without the auction her family's dream would still be years away from becoming a reality.

"The Clock Tower auction was at the end of August and we're here now, almost ready. Construction will be complete in the next couple weeks, so that just really gave us the push to go and go for it. If that wouldn't have come up then it probably would have been another couple years before we decided to do it."

The original freight elevators will also be used to usher guests to the sixth-floor venue and they won't be alone. An elevator attendant will be present to greet guests.

Grand River Hall will host a soft opening in December with a public grand opening set for early 2018.

Plans to expand are already in the works with two additional large event spaces set to open within the next two years. Grand River Hall is run by sisters Holly Boeger and Shelly Elder and their sister-in-law Nikki Alber.